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Ego vs Self Respect

Reposted from @empressjeanille - EGO > your#ego is your sense of your own worth. For eXample, if someone has a large #ego, they thinK they are Very important, entitled and Valuable. "He had a massiVe ego; he would neVer admit that he was wrong." . SELF-RESPECT > #selfRespect is a feeling of confidence and pride in your own abilities and worth. "They haVe lost their Jobs, their homes and theirself-respect." . 💡Self-respect doesn't maKe you #Narcissistic or#Conceited or #selfCentered; it does the opposite. Self-respect is about creating a deep sense of#selfworth and #selfLOVE so that you Know you are worthy of receiVing LOVE and giVing LOVE. The problem for many is trying to establish self-respect in the wrong way, for eXample thinKing a sense of #selfWorth is defined by "liKes" or "comments" on SocialMedia or getting new clothes, a new gadget or other materialistic gains, when the Truth is that eXternal factors will NEVER proVide the self-respect that humans naturally craVe. - #regrann

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