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Gateway To Heaven

For those that have stood before the gateway to#heaven overstand the power that exists outside of this 3-dimensional realm. This is an artistic rendition of what undoubtedly exists. For there are so many different renditions of what these human beings have experienced throughout the four corners of Earth and they all are extremely similar. The only thing that they have not captured is the tone that is ever present. The encompassing hum that penetrates through any flesh and bone. The magnitude of its greatness is known while the sobering truth of how miniscule our human problems are in the grander scheme of things. The anti-clockwise motion of what is told to be the souls of man, twisting and twirling theough the fractal of this reality in gray scale. For those who have experienced this through dedication, discipline and determination, I commend thee. For those who have yet to see the intricate workings of this world with its corrupted psychopath leaders, I urge them to make a change. One can keep being distracted by the number one trickster or one can start digging. By dig, I mean to dig deep within to #DiscoverTheTruth For many are called, only few are chosen. Is one truly worthy in the eyes of The Creator or has the ego taken control? What voice does one truly listen to? Who is in control of one's mind? For 98% of mankind has proven that their words do not line up with their actions. As if man and woman have destroyed their moral compass. Honor and integrity no longer lead humanity. Many do the wrong thing, then beg for forgiveness later. Not realizing they are not truly in control of themselves, farless their own mind.😢 Look around, open your eye. See the truth and accept it, then beg for forgiveness, for we all have done wrong in the eyes of Jah. For those who have ears shall hear and eyes shall see. #NobodyBiggerThanJah #SitDownserpent #GatewayToHeaven #LionOrder🦁 #12TribesUnite #EveryKneeShallBow #EveryTongueShallTell#ThanksAndPraise #LionofJudahTruth#AncientKnowledge #SpiritualWisdom#StepYourSpiritualGameUp #FailToPrepare#PrepareToFail #Judgement

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