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Love is Internal and Eternal

To rush from one relationship to another without truly healing one's self is detrimental to the other person and to the individual that is carrying the burdens of past trauma and pain that one refuses to deal with. Be weary of the people who seem to have it together on the outside yet their actions do not add up with their words. Their mind and hearts are not clean for their own whisper is their own worst enemy.

Be mindful of those who refuse to find their own inner light and would rather keep their pain while taking the light of their partner. A truly enlightened mind can see through these sorts of walking catastrophes and stays far from them. Due to laziness and fear, they refuse to do the work. For those who do not know them self will always repeat the same cycles and inflict pain in life, also to self.

There is no acceptance, the judgement from ego will always be the foundation from which decisions are made through insecurities buried from addictions, pain, childhood programming, narcissistic tendencies and egoical selfish thought processes. So with that being stated. One should take the time to heal them self so they can no longer cause the damage that they have continually done in the past to innocent people searching for true love. Otherwise, one will become an object of lustful desire for a moment in time that holds no true passion and meaning, far less a future. Discover who you truly are. Discover your true God given powers and abilities. While doing this, discover the weaknesses that lie within as well and transmute them.

Reposted from @taylorburrowes - We each have a gift to live a full life on our own, single We’ve plenty of passers by to interact, engage & connect with When you don’t sense that harmony or synchronization with outside vibrations, solitude is a happy place Don’t invite just any person, wait for the right fit. . . . #rose #clearwater #beachbummersfl #sunset #nature #naturephotography#naturelovers #beach #ocean #saltlife #islandlife #reflections #lessons#advice #relationships #dating #couples #love #life #solitude #vetting#onlinecoach #counselors #trp #gender #men #women #fit #idealpartner

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