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Tea Time with Dun Photo Studios

As the Lion invites Kris Shannon, one of the staff members of Kelly’s Chic a Boom Room to join the table, questions arise. Discussions between Dun Photo Studios, Beach Bummers and Kris take off in all directions from the Lion’s childhood experiences in the islands and influences from great story tellers like Paul Keens-Douglas of Trinidad and Tobago to the

*Re-education of the children and the failing Babylonian school system

*The word LOVE and how the world has confused it.

*Haile Selassie I the father to the fatherless, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the 225th Conquering Lion from the Tribe of Judah

*Frederick Douglas, from slavery to true physical, mental and spiritual freedom

*Living in the NOW and the power of NOW, for the past cannot be changed and the future does not exist. The future will be the efforts of what energy is extended In the NOW. #Simplicity is key.

*DMX and his song Damian, the serpent, the ego, the illusionary mind.

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