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Cognitive Dissonance

Reposted from @empressjeanille - BRAINY TALK. 💡 #CognitiVeDissonance, this is why people get uPset or emotional when you challenge their beliefs. When programmed beliefs are contradicted by New information the Human Brain goes into FULL#MentalConflict mode. This conflict actiVates parts of the Brain that trigger personal identity and emotional responses to perceiVed threats. When threatened on a deeply personal, emotional or psychological leVel the Brain alarms go off causing a total shutdown and disregard to ANY rational eVidence that's contradictory to what they preViously thought was Truth. ▶For eXample, we'Ve been seeing this mental conflict drama playing out with the oVerwhelming findings that haVe been circulating about#NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder issues that are reVealing the deeper Truths about the realities of#PoorEducation and #ToXicMedia Programming that's been perVasive throughout American culture, schools, their maJor media networKs & conglomerates as well as across ALL digital and socialmedia platforms. It's now reached national#MentalHealthPandemic status. What cause alll dat bachannal?? 📚📝Basically the CIA's ProJect#mKULTRA aKa the CIA's #MindControl Program (designed for #PsychologicalManipulation during Central Intelligence interrogations and in collaboration with the US Army's #BiologicalWarfarestrategies) were publicly eXposed as being used by popular mainstream US Media companies and leading adVertising agencies to manipulate poorly educated audiences, consumers & ciVilians in order to create GENERATIONS of #Consumerism,#Materialism, #Capitalism, #Foodism, #Classism &#MentalSlaVery in the #UnitedStates and now globally.💣 ONEtime. DaZ str8facts. NOpropaganda. Google it. ▶As another eXample, we're eXperiencing this same dynamic throughout the #PostColonial CARIBBEAN region with the#MariJuanaLegaliZation. ALL naysayers are being challenged to the Very core of their#ProgrammedBeliefs - my entire family included; I blaZinn it hardd on dey front porch an is rel pressure..cuZ they can't complain anymore. Dey saltyy, uZimi. 😂💜🌿💨 Rest assured tho, it will ALL worK out. Prayers are goingUP 24/7, 48/14 BelieVe it. 🙏😘 JB #Brain

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