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Jays Ways 2 Be Happy

🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ Reposted from @jaysways2bhappy - A beautiful life to be human. When you really accept and embrace that this human life is temporary, you begin to shift gear towards more joy and trust, rather than running towards fear. Sometimes it still creeps up but I can easily wash it away now. It reminds me of when a wave comes crashing towards shore and the water flows back out to sea. Sometimes I still get the waves of fear, but briefly. When you learn to trust that deeply and continue to trust you have nothing but to keep flowing through life. To know that God will guide you to the right like minded people. To know that God will provide the healing that you deserve. To know that we can feel the trust and excitement of life but really it is one exhale at a time. We can’t rush the flow we have to go back to moving with the flow of life. Taking the time to myself filled with more meditation, real food, writing, moving my body in ways that please myself and not someone else. This part of my journey is needed and it’s really beautiful part. Every women deserves to feel that connection and love from within rather than searching it from out. Thank you to @officiallionofjudah and @beach_bummers_fl for being in my presence the other day. Full of laughs, and good vibrations. Love and light to all. Love Jay #love #true #motivation #God #spirituality #healing #amazing #intuition #create #healer #relationships #connections #women #empowerment #unravel2you #peace #truth #water #amazing #health #selflove #dreams #purpose - #regrann

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