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Trust In Jah

@empressjeanille - #REALTalk. What GOD has for YOU is for YOU. You won't haVe to beg, borrow, lie, steal, haVe seX or offer seXual faVors for it, NONE of that! #PATIENCE is the MaJorKey.🔑 GOD is NOT a GOD of chaos & confusion. >>>>>> "For I Know the plans I haVe for you.They are plans for Good and NOT for disaster, to giVe you a Future and a Hope.”📖:‭‭#JEREMIAH29:11‬ The road to success has become confused & confounded with so much toXic influences & influencers flooding society daily you can easily get caught in the net of #lowVibrations and NO#moralValues. But I can reassure you, "seXing" your way uP is NOT the solution or a healthy way forward. Prosperity & #highSelfesteem are based on your #integrity, #Loyalty to yourself and your#PersonalValues. I Know eXactly what it feels liKe to be tempted or manipulated into thinKing that using#ManipulationTactics liKe seX is the best option to gain opportunities - worKing for maJor international networKs & companies in Media & Entertainment taught me ALL about that, forReal. But I opted out of that #toXicBehaVior. The leVels of#seXualHarassment, #worKplaceTrauma &#emotionalAbuse I'Ve eXperienced in the industry were some of the worst moments for me. ThanK GOD I had Prayer&Faith on my side. Some men truly belieVe that women should do "anything" for a chance to do what GOD already has purposed for you..dey sicK in dey head, DaZ rel madness.The#hypocrisy was painful at times, when you Knew that you were being discrminated against because you chose NOT to play the dirtyGames that other women less Qualified or talented than you would play Jus for a bly. But in the end I would AlwayZ end up onTop of my own game. Why? Because my#Confidence, #AuthenticTalent & #WorKEthic would AlwaysZ shine brighter. I ended up creating friendships and close industry colleagues because they Respected me for my choices. You really don't haVe to "follow the crowd" or giVe uP your#selfWorth to fit in. I'm Blessed to haVe RealLife personal Victories to share what I'Ve learnt to help others so I'm Grateful. Know that it's NEVER too late to CLEAN uP your life choices, to change your Direction for True success. iLOVEyou. BlessUP! 🙏💜

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