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All By Grand Design

Trust in #Jah for this world can be a confusing place for those who do not overstand a tiny bit of the inner and outer workings of the Most High. As the planets work for him, one should see how important this particular alignment is Sunday 13th 2019. One would not want to look back in July and say, "How the ef did I get here in this catastrophic mess?". 3 But rather "Thank you Jah, I pushed on through and didn't give up". For the decisions one make this Sunday will dictate the next 7 years of one's future. Not everyone is welcome where one may be going, for they lack the vision and those who lack vision have no #destiny. But what do I know of these things? Jah is in control. I am but a humble servant and trust in JaH. #sitdownserpent #discoverthetruth#lionofjudahtruth #cycles #planetaryalignment#nobodybiggerthanJaH 🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ Reposted from Conscious Soul Tribe - 💙💙#writteninthestars #destiny - #regrann

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