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True Love

So much evil exists in this world and some are not even aware of how evil they truly are inside. They believe their lies, they hurt others with narcissistic tendencies then blame others as they are the victim. The King and Queen are pure examples of Christ like characters. Purge thyself of all demons, for some lay dormant in the depths of one's soul and love to whisper sweet nothings of selfish acts into thy mind. The soul and heart start to perish as the darkness takes over. For those who have eyes can see and ears do hear, for when a lie is spilled, the truth is always hidden within. King Alpha and Queen Omega can show you the way, other wise, you are just living a lie. #mindbodysoul #sitdownserpent#discoverthetruth #lionofjudahtruth#allwillbeheldaccountable #rastafarilives @Regran_ed from @haileiyesus - TEACHINGS OF HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY... When I had been governor of Harar and its entire province for about a year, stabilizing without mishap the life of peasants and soldiers, of government and of all else necessary for administra­tion, it was decided, by my wish and by that of my relations, that I should marry (I was in my twentieth year at the time) Wayzaro Manan (now Empress), the grand-daughter of Negus Mika’el. We were married by church ceremony on 23rd Hamle 1903 ( 31st July 1911). Her character is such that, apart from goodness, there is no evil or malice in her. Ever since we were married we lived together, by virtue of her being fertile, in one family sharing joy as well as sadness. #emperorhaileselassie #empressmenen#ethiopian #ethiopia #africa #african #love#monarchy #ethiopianorthodox #christian#ethiopianhistory #africanhistory#haileselassiehistory #autobiography #emperor#kingofkingsofethiopia #husbandandwife #royal#manandwoman #habesha #marriage

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