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Tribe of Judah Stand Together

When the Tribe of Judah stand together, no form of wicked shall prosper. When the serpents🐍surround, the roar of the Lion make the heathen tremble and they run for their caves. They hide in the darkness for they know what wrong they have done. Their judgement has been set and sealed, they wear the mark of the beast upon their forehead. Now that all the serpents have showed themselves because they do not know how to cover their tracks, it is time for Phase 3. Prepare thyself for the longest night of the year with the Full Moon in Cancer Dec 22nd and know that the Lion will roar again. For those who have ears shall hear. For three days the sun will stand still and stop moving south as the#wintersolstice sets in on the 21st. 26,100 years for this planetary alignment and cycles to complete.#Christ-mas day, the Sun will rise again. #Meditationis mandatory on the 21st and 22nd, for those who understand what I speak of, and if you do not, then this is not meant for you. #discoverthetruth#lionofjudahtruth #lionorder🦁 #newearth#byebyebabylon #rastafarilives #highestintention#cleanestofheart #purestofthought#allwillheldaccountable

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