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Speak Truth Children

Speak truth children, for only children spew lies. It cost nothing to tell the truth. #discoverthetruth#lionofjudahtruth #rastafarilives #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ @Regran_ed from Jeanille Bonterre- TRUTH 🔌:@Diddy >>>>>>>>>💡:Adult Drama is due to UnresolVed #ChildhoodTrauma. All bad behaVior, from cyber crime liKe hacKing, shutting down someone's IG page and gun Violence in the streetZ, to social depraVity, gossip, depression, immorality, domestic abuse and unHealthy lifestyles; it ALL stems from childhood issues that haVe not been addressed and dealt with in a healthy positiVe manner. Manipulation, lying, scamming, blocKing, hiding, intimidating others, treating others badly, cheating on your partner/spouse and your friends, pretending to be what you are not, will NOT heal you or maKe you truly happy. Because your conscience will still burn you inside when you sit alone with your own thoughts and Knowledge of what you did or your bad behaVior. Time to Heal and Keep it real Brothers...You get the Right answers by asKing the Right Questions, NOT by a lacK of communication, arguing or maKing the Wrong assumptions. Teach the Youth to tell the TRUTH by your Own eXample. #Honesty #itReal #LeVelUP #ReVoltCARIBBEAN#HighestVibration

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