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It's time to grow up children. For too long you have allowed your past emotions to affect your life. You have allowed your past emotions to ruin happiness. You have allowed your pain to cause pain on others. This will no longer be tolerated. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. NO HUMAN is immune to this law of #GOD So for those who seek to hurt others due to their own personal pain and childhood traumas. The planetary alignments at this moment in time WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SUCCEED! For those who think my messages have changed, they have not, for I speak only TRUTH! #lionofjudahtruth It is beautiful to post of love and positive affirmations but that does not help with psychological turmoil and mental issues of narcissism, schizophrenia and bipolar tendencies to name a few that run rampant amongst us in society. Only the #ego will allow one to think they are in control of everything around them and the people in their life. Only the selfish thought processes of manipulation and deceit will feed the imagination and paint a picture of lies from half truths. For we may discover the truths that surround us but still paint a picture that is a #LIE, due to the whispers of that forked tongue serpent I speak so lowly of. I also love how the peasants who have misconstrued the definition of lowly and correlate it to the meek. They continue to think we do not see there treachery. I leave you with this children. Allow the pain to surface while in isolation. Meditate on why one feels the way they do, ask oneself if one truly wants to continue down a path of chaos and destruction. Let go of all hatred and pain and forgive others, but most of all, forgive yourself. For you did not know better. If one DOES know better and continues to inflict their personal pain and suffering on good people, then one will have to face the wrath of their creator, and his wrath is not as loving and forgiving as we children of men are. The new template of Earth is among us and for those who have ears shall hear and eyes shall see. Leave the demons in the darkness for they have made their choice, follow the light and be righteous in thy actions. Live with the highest of intentions, the cleanest of heart and the purest of thought. Ask for forgiveness from your creator and right the wrongs that have been done by one's hands. If this truth affects you internally and does not resonate, it is because it is YOU I am taking to. #sitdownserpent#12tribesunite #discoverthetruth #nobodybiggerthanJAH #lionorder #RiseUp

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