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You Owe Yourself Love

It's is okay to give love to others but one must love themself first. It is NOT okay to give love to those who do not deserve your love. Those who spew poison into your ears about others for their own selfish agendas. It is not okay to be loyal to those who have loyalty to themself. It is NOT okay to bend over backwards to help those manipulators and forked tongue serpents because they do not want to see you rise. They do not want to see you #RiseUpabove them. They want to hold you back because of their selfish egos. Their fears of letting you go further because they cannot reach to your heights. Leave them where they belong to rot in their own waste. For they create their own prison and they are looking for company as they cannot escape their own mental manipulations and lies. Let your light and fire within burn their deceitful ways and free yourself from the mental prisons they create for you.#lovethyself #loveyourtribe #discoverthetruth#lionofjudahtruth #sitdownserpent #lionorder🦁 @Regran_ed from SpiritualThoughts - ❤️ -

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