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Never Lie To Yourself

It truly must be hard for the snakes isn't it? Laying awake at night, while your mind continues to make sure you do not trip up in your own lies. Attempting to recall what you said to who and when you said what about where. Making sure you do not slip up because your entire life is based on lies, manipulations and deceit. The serpent is already slippery and does not care for you, only your soul is what it seeks. The words of the devil himself spew like poison through your diseased tongues to the innocent victims of one's selfish agendas. Oh #Jah, how can you forgive them, when they KNOW what they do? Their bodies have lost all connection of a once loving inner child that played in your fields of innocence. Oh #Igziabeher, they chose greed over gratefulness, money over humanity, selfishness over their own bloodlines. These are not the human beings that you created to live in paradise. These are empty shells of what once was #perfection. The serpent has taken enough and now it is time for them to meet their creator. Oh Jah, be kind to them when you strike them down. Allow them to beg for forgiveness on their knees. Allow them to shout your name in it's glory for they have never seen such beauty. Oh Jah, I beg of you, spare those who were manipulated by their closest confidants. For they have been tricked by their own egos. Oh Jah, show them that truths, rights, honesty, morals, values, integrity, love and righteousness is the only path that leads to your kingdom on #Earth. Give them the chance as I have done for so many. Oh Jah, if they chose to continue to walk the path of darkness, then show them the light. Sound your trumpets so they can hear. Move mountains and show them you still care. Oh wait, you have been doing this since the beginning of time. Then separate the heathen from the meek and cast your judgement upon Earth. We, your humble servants are ready. For too long have they raped our people and lands, for too long have they kept us as strangers in a strange land. It is time for God's people to #RiseUp. In your name and law we abide in. #byebyebabylon #sitdownserpent #iamalreadydead#discoverthetruth #lionofjudahtruth #iloveyou

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