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Words From A Queen

Words from a Queen. #Knowthyself #nothingisasitseems #lionofjudahtruth From Jeanille Bonterre official fanpage - HIGHEST VIBRATION: FEMALE NARCISSISM 💆💡📝📖📲📡🌎 I'm sharing a series of mindful tips and reasoning to shed light on #FemaleNarcissism and to help others who'Ve also eXperienced these leVels of abuse.🙏BigThanKs to @SelfCareWarrior for the Thought Leadership & Guidance. Knowledge is Power. ▶ A #FemaleNarcissist uses her seXuality to manipulate others. While #histrionic females tend to use their seXuality and appearance indiscriminately and across all conteXts, eXperts say that #FemaleNarcissists use their seXuality to achieVe a specific goal or mission. Whether it be climbing the corporate ladder or getting a boyfriend or husband to forgiVe her transgressions, a female narcissist has NO Qualms about using her body to get ahead and get oVer on someone. ▶ A#FemaleNarc has a twisted sense of boundaries. Hitting on your significant other? A weeKly occurrence. Sleeping with a friend’s recent eX? No problem. Flirting salaciously with her significant other’s brother? Fun! Female narcissists feel eXcessiVely entitled to all of it and haVe NO issue with Violating boundaries to get the attention and resources they desire. They care little about who they hurt in the process. ▶ Her lacK of #Empathy is startling. Much liKe #MaleNarcissists, female narcissists lacK a core sense of Empathy for others. When they see someone hurting, eVen if they caused that pain, they’re unliKely to feel any shame or remorse. Their shallow, nonchalant Questions about your welfare, your life and your goals are often reframed and rerouted to serVe their own needs. They only care about the plights of others so long as it relates to them and their agenda. If you’re feeling sicK or need a listening ear, she’s nowhere to be found unless it helps her to benefit somehow.. Bless UP⏫💜👑 JB #FoodForThought #ShahidaArabi#SurViVingAndThriVingAfterNarcissisticAbuse#NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder#HealthyRelationships #HealthyWomen #WomenWhoRead#WomenWhoLead #LeadWithVibes#LeadWithLOVE #SPiCED #HighestVibration

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