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Divine Timing

Tis the season of love, pregnancies, engagements and #TFunions. So I see this story so fitting as separation is but an illusion, for energy and connections to our true other halves can never sever. Divine timing is truly something that I #KNOW exists now. Not only have I been able to observe it in real time, but I have been able to experience it as well. July 21 2016 was the day I experienced something outside of this physical realm. An energy that I was feeling for months prior appeared to me in the form of another individual. Euphoria overcame me and continues to this day. Separation of energy is an illusion and certain ties cannot be severed, only surrendered to. So fast forward to Tuesday, November 20 2018. I was sitting at a taco establishment with a close brother of mine. He and I noticed another gentleman walk inside, due to his energy resonating higher than the rest. He made his way to the restrooms and as he went to open the door, he paused. It was as if he felt something but did not know what. He continued inside the restroom. As the door was closing, a woman walked out of the female restroom, full of energy and ready to take on the world. She herself seemed unaware of what had just transpired. I thought to myself, if he had waited just#one more second, they would have bounced into each other and timelines would have now crossed. I thought the universe stopped this from happening because it may not have been time to meet, one was not ready yet to meet or they are two strangers that truly never are supposed to meet. Whatever the case may be, I noticed one individual was aware and the other was not. Maybe in a week or two they will be ready, maybe in a year. At the end of the day,#Jah knows best and will help them learn the lessons necessary for their ultimate happiness to come and bless them as individuals. To help bring abundance for all the hard work done. I am prepared for 2019 more than I have ever been for anything in my life. Use these next #two weeks to renew one's self in faith, trust, patience and self love. Eradicate all distractions and focus on the goal.#trustinGod #trustinlove #trustinthyself#trustindivinetiming #lionofjudahtruth

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