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The Soul Knows Best

Sunday was truly an enlightening day for the I. I was listening to a conversation of a younger gentleman I just met, speaking of how he is helping others and doing this and that to help them, going as far as to justifying him offering drugs to a younger man. Stating that it is better you do this with me instead of someone else. My jaw was dropped and my response was pure and utter shock. I attempted to explain that one MUST help them self before they can be helping another. That he is causing catastrophic mental damage to those he is now giving his opinionated and uneducated verbal deliveries to.

I asked him how did he feel about himself inside, why does he feel the need to help others? He said he has to keep busy all the time, he loves helping people. He said he wants to help everyone. So I asked him, how have you helped yourself, do you love yourself? He said it's so hard to love yourself. So I responded "What gives you the audacity to think you are capable of helping anyone when you cannot even help yourself and love yourself yet? What you are doing is damaging people with your damaged self. You are not at peace, you are not living in self love and you are now literally being the devil himself by offering drugs to a younger man instead of showing him the path of righteousness and light. You are enabling your own bad habits onto other people due to your own laziness and fear of helping yourself". He jokingly laughed it off and said "damn*t."

So I continued to explain. "Imagine you are going through a break up and while you are in your own mental disarray, you decide to help a female who just experienced a soul crushing separation from her life partner." There could have had a co-dependency issue and this is a wound, still open, still fresh and it needs time to heal. That won't be allowed to happen due to the fact that egoically you are now seeking companionship to fill a hole inside of what is already WHOLE in yourself. What one is labeling as help is subconsciously a selfish agenda of repetitive cycles of control and lust, not love. You earlier called yourself a "pimp". I asked what does pimp mean to you. The owner of the home jumped in and said "a pimp is someone you can pay to acquire the company of whores." I agreed to the definition, not particularly the wording. Open one's legs for money is a weakness of the self those individuals should be guided accordingly, never shamed. Forgive them for they know not.🤨

So I stated "Now the interference has manipulated timelines of others because what you said was "help," was a lie and a tactic to prey on a weaker state of mind than your own. One that is seeking to grasp onto any sort of love due to the fact that the female individual is in pain and while trying to help herself, can easily be fooled into falling back into old cycles due to subconscious fears that have yet to be dealt with internally by self." I believe the entire room went silent as they all realized that they were all guilty of doing this. So I send this message to ALL, because though our intentions may be correct, our actions are not because they are not coming from a balanced and professionally trained mind. They are coming from our emotions and emotions have NEVER EVER led us down a straight and narrow path. Emotions are great for a balanced mind, soul and body. If one is NOT there yet, "STOP TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE. YOU ARE DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD." Our journey is one of self and only when the self has become realized can the self then love itself. Then and ONLY then can the self love another. Unconditionally with no attachment, control, manipulation and everything else that falls under a fear based individual. If you need help, come talk to the Lion. If you think you are helping, it's time you stop and help yourself. Remember, God is always watching you. Do the right thing or the consequences of one's actions will be reprehensible. By the hand of Jah itself. #beaware #questioneverything #lovethyself #isolation #seethemanipulators #forgivethem #forgivethyself#discoverthetruth #lionofjudahtruth

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