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Roar of the Soul

Trust that there are those who listen to the forked tongue and then whisper their "truths" into one's ears. Trust that #God is watching you patiently and observing. Seeing for how long will you allow the serpent to whisper sweet nothings into your mind, because any HUMAN who repeats the words of the serpent is one now working for team darkness. God will fight for you, if you fight for him. If you linger amongst those who fight against him, what will God do to show you the truth? One will be surprised to find out it is usually the ones closest to them that are the ones causing the most damage, by manipulation, lies and deceit. All in the name of egoical falsely justified #selfishness rather than #selflessness. Allow one's words to be tested by their actions. Allow their truth to speak from their hands and not mouths. See when red flags occur and words do not correlate with actions. Know that when people's lips are moving, they are lying. It is one's responsibility to discover the truth within those lies. Question everything, question my words, for all one will find is truth. Allow time to unveil the truth, for only those with a clear mind, clean heart and awakened soul can have the eyes to see. Intuition tells us one thing, deceit and illusions tells us another. For we can paint a picture with half truths given to us, to only then see that we have painted a lie. When the full truth is found and most of time presented by#divingintervention and timing, is when the factual truthful picture can then be painted. As a puzzle piece can only fit ONE way, but sometimes we chose to force them in. Remember that one, as the individual, IS the cornerstone to their own foundation, and will always be the corner piece of that puzzle. "For the stone that builder refuse, will always be, the last cornerstone." - Robbie M. So with that being stated, know that one's soul will NEVER lie to them, but the mind will play tricks, for#looksaredeceivingmankind. While being able to question everyone around us to #discoverthetruth , one can now question themself. Allow the #Lionand Lioness to roar while protecting the lamb. #lionofjudahtruth #youarestrongerthanthem #RiseUp#itistime

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