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Garden of Eden

So free will granted to us gives us the choice to say yes or no to every situation that will and has ever transpired in our lives. For the destiny is already chosen by our higher selves and fate is destined by our egoical choices. So when knowing the discovery of these two things, we also must remember that the slippery serpent is always learning with us. So the creation through mathematical precision of #'Igzee'abihier in all it's glory can now be used as a tool for the #consciousness of lucifer himself. While we truly should be thinking with the highest of intentions, cleanest of heart and purest of thought. The seed of doubt is planted to lead us astray and back into the darkness, though it can then be truly made to lead us into decisions out of a fear based root rather than a place of love. When we are in the knowing that our heart holds a powerful energy that radiates outwards, when #united in #union with our mind and our #soul, the trinity of power is beyond that of any serpent with it's weak forked tongue. The truth of 'Igzee'abihier flows through us, the lies and deceptions become so very apparent that giving the ones you love the benefit of the doubt that what#Jah has planned for each as an individual is just as the ebb and flow of the #sand and #sea. The sand, solid in it's foundation but fluid enough to always go with the flow. Mother Gaia must patiently wait until her King Neptune flows away to bring back to her with every gentle sweep of his touch, treasures from the ocean as in living organisms to help her in the process of the creation of her sandy beaches. She continues to be independent in her own life as it brings the King joy to do so while on his adventures, and sometimes, Neptune can take his Queen Gaia on some of those adventures as the cycle of the universe always criss cross. Be prepared to expect the unexpected. For only Jah can know the future, we can only continue to be excited to see what outcome plays out, even though, one may already know the ending just not the how and that's where growth exist the most. So when one comes into another's life, this balance must be prevalent and guided and held in respect by both parties of the individual self. The union then brings the intelligence and wisdom of two individuals to be more powerful than any single entity. The mind is not even used at full capacity and to have another who is willing to help grow the mind more and educate each other on their own experiences. This will be the start of truly testing the infinite possibilities of the human mind that has been given to us by our creator. No science needed. This involves full trust, full faith, full communication and all honesty between two strong balanced mind body and soul individuals. This will allow the individuals to step foot into the Garden of Eden again, clean and pure as the day they were made. The age of Adam and Eve again is upon us and we will be accomplished with leading by example. For it was written 144000 will be the ones to judge the rest of Earth in these last days. Let's make sure their judgment comes from The Most High itself and not it's opposition. #SonofMan #lionofjudahtruth #loveconquersall #lovethyself

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