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This is beach sand, as viewed under a microscope. #nothingisasitseems What our eyes allow us to see is usually what we are told to see. When one starts to open their mind from the nonsensical 2% science says we can only use, they start to see through the illusion which has been presented to #man by man. When we start to truly indulge ourselves into the knowledge of the#ancient world, our minds automatically start to expand. Due to the ancestral DNA that exists in all of us who have #spiritual ancestors on this plane of existence. The veil becomes lifted and the eyes start to view the world differently. How can one truly know where they are going if they do not know where they are coming from. Due to the light coming in and new information acquired, the mind now processes the light very differently. The macrocosm to our existence is above us in the planets and stars, the microcosm is beneath our feet, in the air we breathe and in the trillion of skin cells that hold our bodies together. Everything that exists on Earth at one moment in time is or was a living organism. There has never been anything dead or lifeless placed on earth from creation. Know that as one strolls along the biggest graveyards of this #Earth, be it the beach, the forests, the jungle or the mountains. Know that in the death one walks over, one is surrounded by life and one is alive because of the death of many organisms prior to one's existence. This is the cycle that helps to sustain the balance of life, all in it's organic timing. Just as each leaf falls off it's tree only when it is told to do so by it's creator, which is constant. Autumn. If humans say that the oceans created the sands from millions of years of corrosion of the lands, then why are there perfectly created organisms with perfect geometrical patterns and shapes in what we call a grain of sand on our beaches? The desert sands are different and I urge those who are truly seeking truth to discover that truth as well. As for now, we speak of beach sand. The energy that creates the waves of the waters is of a certain frequency and sand is a silica(SiO2) based life form. Mainly trillions of trillions of quartz#crystals exist in the mix as well. So when energy from the salt oceans heal us and we put our feet in the sand, the once living organisms still carry energy and also may carry consciousness, due to the fact that Carbon and Silica based structures are the only elements that can sustain consciousness and life in this realm. I urge all to discover that one's existence is a must, but we must be existing in a state of euphoric pleasure and happiness with our creator because the only thing human beings tend to do is live in war with each other over what their ego tells them to seek and destroy. I look forward to the day that my words are fully understood by the masses, for only then shall the true meek inherit this Earth.#lionofjudahtruth #lifeisabeach #ebbandflow#byebyebabylon #iloveyou

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