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Two Fish And A Crab

I feel you when you cry, I feel you when you laugh. I feel the occasion rising when your thoughts linger in the past. I feel your touch, I feel your kiss, I feel your thoughts when I least expect, I feel what is absent yet it continues to exist, I feel your soul as I write this. For your energy is within me and it cannot unbind, this truth has been shown to me, energy of the divine. I sit at my desk, I turn around, there you are. I look at the pool and your feet are never far. I reach my hand on the passenger seat, your energy embraces my grasp so sweet. Only by God, in this life did we meet. Created as one yet individual in nature, God's plan is greater than any of the lesser. For those who have eyes shall see the truth. God created this Earth for me and you. Let go of society, let go of their judgement. For all that matters is our loving intervention. This city is so small, too small for we. This world is ours, so let's go and be. Teach the children, show them love. Protect them from the evilous hearts. Setup foundations in every corner, pour out our hearts with divine order. I sat with the Golden Gong of wisdom, frequency, vibration and all that is of it's kingdom. It showed me the truth of timelines past, timelines present and what is to come fast. The fractal of all, the cosmic essence, the truth of life and the universal essential. Twisting and twirling, dancing in the colours of all, forever connected, forever a call. A calling of truth, a calling of love, a calling from#Jah that we must #RiseUp. For the serpent's tongue, forked and vile, continues to whisper to all orifi. Not for I, as the serpent lay wait, silenced and resting under my feet. The head is controlled but the tail is loose. Two other feet are needed to stand too. As created in pairs, by the Most High, to find myself in another is to fly. Some are so lost, so confused. Brainwashed and manipulated into another's views. To not let go, to hold on so tight, to a past life with another, that is not right. To love is to let go but to love is to hold. To love is to appreciate all in it's whole. Loving you is easy, no matter the dark. Because loving myself is but a walk in the park. So as patience my virtue and faith as steel. May Elohim spark the truth and may the light be revealed. Envious people, once considered friends, perish beneath me in their own ends. Unravelling lives, one heart at a time, jealous by nature, yet a smile like sunshine. Stabbed us in the back, tricked us with lies, manipulating voices, vindictive eyes. They say love, but spread hate, spew fear from their minds. They want us to rise but never have a higher shine. Use and abuse and move on with their flex. "What can I get from you, what can I take next?" I know who you are, every single last being. By the words of my father, "I never stop seeing". Judgement has passed for those who have done wrong. The Lion has roared and the trumpets have sound. Rise Up my children and lend me your ears. For the Lion of Judah, the Lion is here. Awaiting his Queen, to unite all nations, awaiting his Queen, while instilling patience. For the journey back into Eden has been long and hard, let's not repeat the same mistake and trust in the wrong god. The one who fed you the apple or mushroom maybe. The one who deceived you into deceiving me. The liar, the snake, the weaker lion indeed. True love ensued when curiosity crippled. The bone once taken, must be protected, it's simple. For I am you and you are me, yet two branches of the same tree. The choice is yours as free will is true, God brought us together, the Lion awaits you. #lionofjudahtruth #loveconquersall #queen#2become1 #itwaswritten #1000yearsofpeace

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