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No What If's

What If? These two words first appeared to me in the form of comics. My love for Marvel comics as a young boy has taught me more than some can possibly fathom. I would never forget the What If? Series. What if Spider-Man did not marry Mary-Jane? What if Spider Man married Black Cat? All these what if's do not exist and if most had, catastrophic occurrences would have occurred. The whole point is living life with "what if," is a horrific thing. "What if" usually arises years later. "What if" comes around when we know we were positioned to make a decision with free will and Jah has put everything in our corner for the best but our fears make us chose the opposite. Our fears make us chose what the ego wants(lacks) and not what the heart deserves. So many situation have arisen in people's lives and so many times I hear in curiosity or misery "I always wondered what if I reached out to that person back then, what if I went the route of the unknown instead of the safe route." One must always remember, the serpent surrounds us in all that we do and is learning everyday. Traps are set for us to fall and become stagnant so growth becomes non existent. Cycles repeat and lessons learned for the individual to move forward with new internalized knowledge. If one feels strongly in their heart yet different in their mind, their mind is usually the one blocked with fear. Know this to be true. Know that NO amount of fear is good or safe. That is a lie and a statement made by ignorance. Fear holds us back, fear does not protect us. Babies fear two things: loud noises and falling or being dropped. Fear of nothing else exists as they have no reason to fear, they are here to learn. When adults tend to forget that, they believe they know all, as for the more I discover, the less I truly know. Being aware of our surroundings and being wise protects us. Being in the light protects us, not being in the darkness in fear. That forked tongue can so quickly whisper sweet nothings into one's ear and plant that seed of doubt so deep, that the light surrounds it and helps it grow until it grows into a monster that the individual has been so blindly housing. Doubts and fears, all tools used to distract us from our destiny and usually leading us to our fate. We must stay strong and true to ourselves, prove to God he can trust us because he never goes back on his promises. Humans always doing bits and pieces of the right thing while leaving out key components. Humans will physically do something but not do the work mentally and spiritually and then expect amazing results when they them self did wrong. The closer we become to our creator, the closer we see perfection in all it's glory and the easier life becomes. So continue to live with the highest of intentions, the cleanest of heart and the purest of thought. Follow your heart but with logic, trust in your decision but with your heart, and forgive yourself for any regrets because going forward, you will do the right thing and regrets will cease to exist. Love over lust, humanity over material, selfless over selfish. In the end, it is but a new beginning. #lionofjudahtruth #patience #iloveyou

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