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Ways To Live In Peace

Ways to live in #Peace. 1. Live with the highest of intentions. 2. Live with the cleanest of heart. 3. Live with the purest of thoughts. By doing this, life becomes but a walk in the park. When one decides to live their life this way, question all that is happening to them, discover the root and factual truth for the reasonings of what may be transpiring, a different type of overstanding starts to appear. In every word that we speak and every thought that we think or tap into, one must pass them through the above #3 processes. This way, one then starts to become truthful to themself and no erroneous or misinformation is spewed. No blinded opinion via hear say and no ill willed words are spread. Only love, light and righteousness. When people say love yourself, there truly is no direction of how to do this, so here are some ideas that may help. First of all. MEDITATION IS MANDATORY. Being grateful for ALL that you have. Give thanks for the giving of thanks. Being patient and kind with yourself in your thoughts. Eating healthy. Getting fresh air and exercise. Resting on time. Respecting your own boundaries. Giving yourself high quality things and experiences. Letting go of toxic situations and people. Being a loving parent to your inner child. This is by no means everything, but definitely a start and the rest will follow suit. All the answers you seek, lay in the depths of your own soul, not externally in the illusion of man kind. Last and most importantly. Trust in God and if one has not discovered that this is the ultimate truth yet, then call it the Universe as the Universe has been proven to be a mental space of consciousness. #lionofjudahtruth #rastafarilives #RiseUp#RiseUPFoundation9 #rohshanart

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