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Trust In Your Vision

Only as individuals, we know what is spoken to us through our souls. When one can live by the soul, mind and temple in harmony, the opinions of others cease to exist. The truth lay in wait in the depths of all the karmic baggage one may have built up in this dimension of time. Sift through it, process it, move past it, let it go and discover the layer underneath it all. Only then may the truth of your vision be corrected and mastered. Unless the person one may be asking for help has accomplished this, discovery of the self and removing of all layers, take their opinions with a grain of salt. As they are a drop of water in a steadily flowing river that can only see as far as their experience will allow them. If they have yet to fully dive into the spiritual cosmic essence that we all swim and reside in, how can they be capable of seeing what you see? As the masses cover their eyes from the truth, they rather live a lie than discover the truth. It is impossible for those to see the bigger picture unless they have connected all the dots. Unless they have searched for ALL the puzzle pieces that fit in one particular spot and have started piecing together the entirety of this world, they are not fit to give advice on your vision. Trust in Jah, it's the only way. Make the decision and know that your personalized destiny awaits or allow the choices the ego makes to bring you to your self inflicted fate. Answer to #Jah, not the finite man. #lionofjudahtruth #loveconquersall #rastafarilives

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