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You Are The Fire

You are already fire. Fire does not need a match. Fire exists without that match and destroys the weakness and temporariness of that match. The burning fire that exists within you can only be handled by those who master their burning mind! Those who can manuever it, work it, flow it, know it. Because all who know their inner fire know that "you shouldn't put your hand in the fire, fire is red hot and you will get burned." Fire is part of life and burns bright in each and every one of us. Some may have but a burned out ember, yet all it needs is some #oxygen. I speak of a spiritual fire that no physical water can out. A fire that cannot be quenched, cannot be cooled, ever lasting, ever burning fire. You see, they don't want you to know that not only can we blaze our fire, that the internal fire is the only thing that can burn down their system of control. They are not immune to the fire. They are not invincible. The dance of the fire is too enchanting for them. They cannot comprehend it's raw elemental beauty. It's life. Everlasting. Not even the serpent himself can touch the fire because only a temple clean and pure can spread this fire. Only those who have been chosen and annointed by The Most High may spread this cleansing fire. Only those who can wield the fire know that fire is life and death. Creation and destruction. Fire cast no shadow because fire is #Light. Fire is truth. So when one tells you to "light your fire!" Know that you already are the #Fire. Know that you already are the truth. So blaze up your fire and burn away the evil and negative darkness that surrounds us all. If you have any questions about fire, one may need to seek council with the prophet himself @capletonmusic The Fire Man. #discoverthetruth #lionofjudahtruth #capleton#fyahponallevil #rastafarilives

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