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Lions and Lionesses

When #Lions and Lionesses fight, it is as if all the other animals in the animal kingdom stop and see the raw nature of true physical power between two very powerful individuals. The divine masculine and the divine feminine rule over these loyal beasts. The truth of their souls are shown when boundaries have been crossed in the physical realm. The lines are tested until the lines are known. King will be King and Queen will be Queen. The passion of the Lions is beyond that of this Earthly realm but of a cosmic and spiritual bond beyond that of this physical 3 dimensional reality. When the #Lion King roars it is because he knows The Lioness Queen is listening. When the Queen Lioness roars, it is because she knows her #King Lion is listening. After these Lions battle what is inevitably their destiny. King and#Queen come together to form One. Creation of life itself and only then does the roar of the Lioness not only call to her King, but now comforts her cubs. As enemies tremble when the Lion roars, the children feel comfort and protection. Know that all which is meant to be, shall be. Know that the meek shall inherit the Earth. Know that the Lion has roared.#RiseUp #lionofjudahtruth #itwaswritten #theserpenthasbeenpitted #rastafarilives

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