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Twin Flames/Lock and Key

It's been a rough couple of months for those who are truly strong and asked for growth. Lessons and experiences have been given to show light on things that once may have been set aside in the darkness. Peace, love and abundance is now on it's way but will one accept it? Will one accept the soul truth that will be given at the end of this month? All the answers will be revealed. Trust in #Jah, it would be foolish to trust in God's feeble opposition. The planets have done their part to ensure truth prevails, couple more retrogrades to go. Do the internal work and reap the rewards before the opportunity is lost in this lifetime. To be in the flow, one must eradicate all illusions of others and themself to allow the new energy to flow in. Love thyself unconditionally and set the example by being the change that is needed for all to grow. #lionofjudahtruth #RiseUp #rastafarilives @elohim_kadosh_adonai_tsebayoth - Twin Flames are the lock and the key that together open the way to humanity's transformation and transcendence beyond the ego. The moment of conscious joining (on any level of consciousness) turns the key in the lock. The moment you connect, whether together physically or in higher consciousness, you are eligible for direct delivery of pure light. Those who feel this powerful magnetic tug from the heart are now being instructed to put forth their individual call for their beloved NOW for several reasons; 1) To awaken humanity, 2) To use this conscious union to assist in transmuting the energy forms on this dimension within the agreed upon time frame and 3) To return this Earth to its true reality of rich, verdant life and beauty, to abundance and ecstasy in perfect pattern and form. #twinflames #twinsouls #144000 #theelect #1111

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