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What's Your Superpower?

There is a saying that no one truly knows where it came from. I personally remember it from Mortal Kombat the game, some others relate it to Stan Lee, inevitably it can be found in the Bible as well and many uses in the 1700s to modern day times, all in all, let's give credit where credit is due. "With great power, comes great responsibility." - God The reason I used this quote is because it directly relates to ALL super-heroes is the Marvel and DC universe. Majority of those reading this have seen or read about super heroes in comic books and movies. We each have our own perspective on each of them and we all love something particularly different about each. More so because we relate to certain parts and it says much about us as individuals. For instance my favourite X-Men would be Gambit and Rogue. A painfully beautiful couple that rarely get a win, but you hope they do so ever badly. It seems to make it all worth it when they do have their moments. There is one comic in the Age of Apocalypse when they thought the world was going to end and they kissed, ALL of Gambit's memories became absorbed by Rogue(as her power is to take on the others when she touches them) A life with no skin to skin interaction. Well, the world didn't end because nobody is bigger than #Jah and Rogue inevitably tells Gambit there is nothing more he can give her. A very dark secret was transferred to her and she did not have the overstanding to handle it or process it. This is where fear conquers love. I'm going out on a limb and will state that one did not know X-Men got that deep.Stan Lee is a genius. An experienced man and a very wise one of that. Besides that fact, these "mutants" originally developed or were gifted these powers. As they grew older they learned to use their powers but never truly master them until a mentor entered their life. Mainly, through enabling their individuality it caused sacrificing of certain things. Thoughts and actions that pleased a failing society, full of manipulative and conceited so called friends. So, these individuals that have managed to truly discover them self and become one with their higher self, they become immune to the opinions of those around them or who speak of them in ill will. We all can relate to these characters but we also have egos as well, as do some of them, which is their greatest downfall, therefore must be ours, because last I checked. Taking the life of another does not make you a #hero, it is saving the lives of the less fortunate. There is an issue that arises within mankind. Knowings of who we are that are clouded by opinions of ourselves instead of actually being truthful to ourselves by living by our heart and soul with a wise mind to guide. True Balance. Many tend to avoid being unique when in social settings. The rare few stand out but majority in a social setting have a mask on. Pretending to be something that one is not. Yet one may not even know what that is yet. This is okay, once one is searching internally and not externally. One may tell oneself that they are individuals while we are living by everyone elses opinion of what they think one as an individual should be. So the masks come out, and with the masks comes fantasy, illusion, deception; truthfully a lie. Living to the expectations of others and not to the higher self. Though there are those who do not need the mask anymore, they have been through much to get to that level or stage in their life. There are some who have advanced beyond the selfish illusive desires of society. They have dealt with enough and have found the strength within to Rise Up from the depths of fear based thought processes, decision makings and actions. Now, imagine a group of regular human beings that TRULY found them self. Individuals who know who they are, why they are here and what their soul mission is. These individuals take steps to make their dream become a reality by doing what they know they must internally. Imagine if a handful of these super human individuals came together to form a "company" of sorts, what power could they have to truly change this world? My question is, what is stopping you from becoming your own superhero? A little sacrifice goes a LONG way. #lionofjudahtruth #stanlee #marveluniverse #RiseUp#byebyebabylon #RastafariLives

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