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Love and The List

Growing up in Trinidad and South Florida, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see different cultures, experience different lifestyles, eat amazing food, but most of all, meet beautiful people from all walks of life. For whatever reason, beautiful souls seem to always make their way into my life and I am pleased with this, this is good. As a young boy, I was baffled why little girls would want to plan these extravagant weddings, families, children, dogs, homes, etc from such young ages. I realized it was due to a lot of the programming of young minds in the name of capitalism. I see these young girls with dreams, growing up in broken families due to the fact that the reality that they were dealt was not conclusive to their childhood scrap booking of the so called "perfect life". I noticed at fifteen years of age, girls starting making lists and having expectations of boyfriends. No one really knows what they are doing at 15 so they try to find a teenage boy that can fulfill this almost impossible list. They continue to spend the rest of their life looking for "him". I usually laughed at these lists because they all started off with money, car, house, good kisser, straight nose, etc. Whatever a 15 year old child would think is the perfect boyfriend. Fast forward to our 30s, I was completely unaware that grown and supposedly mature women still created these lists. The only issue is these lists are beyond unreasonable and almost impossible expectations, supposed to be met by the average man who has no clue a list is even in existence. A man that works hard towards his goals, respectful, loves this world and the God who created it all but most of all, loves himself. This man already faced his demons and he won, now he meets a woman he is so attracted to but wait, there's a list. A man may dedicate himself to a woman and her past insecurities creep up and mess up a future. So when it is said "Don't mess with your past, you will mess up your future". This statement goes so much deeper than majority overstand, innerstand, and understand. One must remember this rule, unrealistic expectations of others lead to realistic disappointments. I believe we all can relate no matter which side of the fence we sit on. The fact that these lists are in existence is a MAJOR reason why relationships continue to fail on a daily basis. One reason and one reason only, the list is all about what the woman wants but never about what the woman can bring to the table. Please refer back to the first line of this list I found with a quick google search. "Loves me for who I am". The issue is, who are you? Majority of women have yet to discover who they are, they live a lie and wear a mask. Not all, but majority. A gym body, good sex, and a free spirit does not cut it. There is no depth to the individual due to the fact that they have spent their entire life searching for the unrealistic man while not working on them self at all. If this offends you, then you are a culprit of this list making agenda which continues to be the downfall of human kind. Please allow me to explain why. A man can literally pick up a woman off the street, help her, clean her up, educate her, take care of her, dine her, treat her and unconditionally love her without having any problem in the world with her or her past, due to the fact that he is in love with what he sees right in front of him. Love with NO conditions. The issue arises that this woman would never unconditionally love him in return. She is not capable nor has to capacity to do so due to the fact that she never loved herself unconditionally in the first place due to her past experiences, which are most likely horrific and very traumatic, sometimes buried so deep, they refuse to deal with it. The only time this woman would be able to love any man unconditionally would be if she were to have a son which she carried for 9 months or a father who truly showed her unconditional love. I noticed Florida is very different to the older Trinidad I grew up in where families come first before anything else. Divorce was not an option because the children NEED a mother a father. Single parenting was a rare occasion. There was no list to follow that a man can be 99 out of 100, but that 1 thing he doesn't do correct on "the list" is grounds for termination with no explanation what so ever.🤣 I have to laugh my children, this is INSANITY. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. The scientific method proves this to be true. We put so much pressure on everyone else to please our needs, but do we ever pressure ourselves to do better? Communicate better? Grow together? Or does one run for the hills at any sign of an ❌ on the list instead of a ✔. Even worse when children are involved and they are ripped away from a truly loving father due to the insecurities of a broken woman who refuses to heal herself by dealing with her internal pain and forgiving herself? This cycle needs to stop as it is ruining the lives of children all over Earth's plane. The children are more important than any unrealistic list one may have created in their childhood fantasies. A life has now been brought into this world, therefore the dynamic changes, therefore the list must be burned. The children are the future and the children need love. Not a list. #lionofjudahtruth #riseup #lovethyself

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