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Apologize When Wrong

There is a line that separates what deserves an apology and what does not. If words are spewed with vindictive mindsets and intentions to hurt another, these actions need to be apologized for because they are not truth. They are emotional thought processes and we must dig deeper into the word emotions. There is an entire spectrum of emotions from negative to positive. Lower vibrating thoughts like jealousy, greed, selfishness, insecurities, lies, deceit, doubt, hate, suppressed anger, lust, depression, vindictive behaviours are all a branch of the main emotion #fear. These emotions of which we do not believe we are capable exist in all when fear is present in our sub conscious programming. Fear is food for the ego, it makes it feel so very good. What we fear is inevitably our driving force behind our actions therefore acting in fear makes us fearful of fear itself. Many of us are not aware of how the sub conscious works and have the egotistical tenacity to think we are conscious of everything that surrounds us, which inevitably sets us up for failure. One must also know there is no failure, just a test not passed and lessons to be learned. Actions based on these processes deserve no apology. For an apology is from the other side of the spectrum of emotions. The side of understanding and overstanding, passion, happiness, joy, righteousness, appreciation, truth, honesty, gratitude, selflessness. These are all under the branch of #Love. When one's words come from this side of the spectrum, there is no need to apologize. For the words are truth. Though others may not have the experience, insight, perspective, knowledge and wisdom to overstand that love is factual truth, it does not change the fact and deserves no apology. A lie can be believed for an entire lifetime, but it will never be the truth. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34 KJV). Iyesus Kristos was not saying that their lack of self-awareness excused their choices, if it had, they would not need forgiveness. To the contrary, just as those urging his death were without excuse, it is our responsibility to learn what we are doing, why we are doing it, and who is really doing. The ego, fed by fear or the heart and soul driven off of unconditional love. The truth hurts those not ready to accept, but the truth will always set you free. We all fail at this through our life. We must do better. Together. Apologize to those who were wronged by vindicitive thought processes branching from fear, but stand righteous in the name of JAH, for with his love, the truth is seen before the lie is ever told. Forgive yourself so one can forgive another.#lionofjudahtruth #10stepaheadahdem #lovethyself#riseup #rastafarilives

— with Infinite Waters - Diving Deep and Ralph Smart.

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