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What Have You Done Today?

Oh the lies we continue to live due to our programming. The pain we endure due to our egos. The fears that we feed because it feels good and is easy. The lack of courage from within. No man is an island nor woman a continent. Only with the help of others can we truly see past the illusion. After lifting the veil, it is what we do with that information dictates who we truly are as individuals. Society and it's standards have ruined the lives of the already broken and continue to disrupt the ascension of mankind. For the weak chose to be weak and the strong chose to prey on the weak, which in turn makes them weaker. It is always truer to help a loved one rather than dismiss them. It is by grand design that human beings all want to help each other. It is only by the guidance of the Most High we can do what is right when presented with what is wrong. His opposition never sleeps. It is always great to grow internally and help others, but never at a cost to another, always for another. If pain is inflicted upon a loved one then there was never any true love in the first place. If overstanding and emotions get confused for pain, then one has lost the lesson. For I am not interested in what another can do for me, I am more interested in what I can do for them. What have you done to help humanity today?#lionofjudahtruth #rastafarilives #riseup

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