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Expectations Lead to Disappointments

One must always remember where expectation branches from. #Attachment. If one were to learn how to let go, the thought-to-reality process becomes a lot easier. The letting go of any control, truly #overstanding we are not in control of anything other than our OWN actions. Once one can separate them self from the attachment, the expectation is no longer there to affect the mind. The sense of#knowing now takes over instead of belief. The truth of the situation when analyzed in its entirety reveals itself. The expectation is always based on a what if or personal opinion that has become a belief. A lie that has now been accepted as truth. When we are lied to, are we not disappointed when we find out? So why lie to ourselves when we know the truth deep down internally? Why live a lie "expecting" something other than the truth? If we "expect" the truth from others, yet we rarely receive it. Then we must do our all to be truthful to ourselves, with no expectations of any kind, just knowing. It is sometimes harder to appreciate everything, including the bad, than be truthful in all aspects of life. So if one were to do what is harder for the betterment of oneself, one may find life starts to become a lot easier. #lionofjudahtruth #gowiththeflow #expectnothing #loveeverything#learntoletgo

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