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The More I Learn, The Less I Know

They say they know, yet they never asked. They say they read, but they never read. They say say they understand but never overstood. They dismiss anything you say because they have yet to discover it. In my quest for knowledge I have found it to be insatiable. Not in a negative way but in a standard that keeps me digging. It keeps me questioning everything. This never ending quest has brought me to places that no one else may ever venture. Places not of this world, but of mine. Places so deep inside my soul that only those who have been reborn can truly attest to the validity of the existence of such place. The naysayers have forever been in existence and the naysayers are the same ones who crucified Jesus. The naysayers are the same ones who pretend to know all while truly knowing nothing. The naysayers live by the ego and opinion of others without ever taking the initiative to discover the root of the truth in which they preach. I find it humorous as the more I learn the less I truly know. These are some of the books that come highly recommended for the truth seekers. There is one book here unavailable because it has not been published yet. The others are just a few that I have come across in my journey over the years, but I believe a necessity to share. To help one see through the evil that truly surrounds us and the much larger macro to our micro that exists in the absolute of The All. Experience is all we have to learn by, so imagine being prepared for every experience how different the outcome can be with the correct reaction. We must learn what is taught to us, then question it. See what makes sense and see what seems wrong. Question deep, spend the time and energy in discovering one's best version but questioning their own actions, words, and thoughts. For if one does not know who they are, why they are here, and what is their purpose, then what does one truly know? "Only in the darkness can one truly see the light."#lionofjudahtruth #rastafarilives #loveconquersall#lionorder #cognitivedissoanceisreal#stockholmesyndrome #latinofgovernmentis

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