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It is our responsibility and individual duty for the trade off of free will to research all sides to the stories of which we are told before one can truly come to an educated conclusion or opinion. One may ask me to just "spill it" and get to the point or ask me to sit and regurgitate 18 years of ancient knowledge and thousands of hours of self education but that would just, defeat the purpose. It would be a feeble attempt in the exchange of knowledge. The reason being for a couple of human traits but an important one is #perspective. Perspective tends to allow others to come to conclusions based on their own experience. When two people have experienced two very separate perspectives in life, to accept information from another is so hard it almost automatically gets tossed in the "spam or junk filter" of the mind. It is only with a truly open mind that one can sit in silence and for a simple moment in time, say, "it is okay to know nothing and forget everything that has been told before." Then and only then can one start the quest for knowledge by digging into another side of history, another side of information, another side of the human psyche. To honestly and painfully discover the answer to why do other people have a different idea than I do? How can so many others agree on a topic while so many others disagree? Why do football teams have such loyal supporters, yet they never met a player or coach in their life? When one discovers the hermetic principles of life and the true spiritual laws of the universe can one then see through the propaganda they so eagerly accept, as if they were being fed on a timely schedule. The mind thirsts and hungers for the "news feed". "Scheduled programming". We've become numb to these words because they are around us 24/7. When one truly discovers the light of which they shine so bright internally, can one then see the darkness of which they truly live in. If one wants the answer, then one must ask the right question. Only then, will the truth prevail. May these word truly help guide one to another stage in life. #lionofjudahtruth #nothingisasitseems#questioneverything #rastafarilives #chadonbeni

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