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Trust In The Synchronicities

It is stated that the appearance of a Ladybug brings good fortune in which our deepest desires begin to be fulfilled. Now these desires must be of the highest of intentions, cleanest of heart, and purest of thought or the #Ladybug with deeper #observation, may turnout to be an "asian lady beetle." One that will bite, defecate, and stain the victim. Once thought too high of a goal to reach, has now become a new height of possibility. Negative and fear based thoughts begin to dissipate as a new happiness comes into one's illusion of reality. This tiny coccinellidae also helps us become aware of #patience and knowing that all fruits bear in due season, to truly let things flow in the nature of grand design of which they were already destined. With the #synchronicity of this appearance and meaning known, all that is meant to be, shall be. The presence is signalling that one can leave their worries behind and that a new form of positive joy is on its way. Letting go and releasing the old. This particular species of beetle tells us that one is not to be scared and one must live their own truth to the fullest. Protect thy #truth and move beyond the sense of believing, and now know that it is there to be #honored. #lionofjudahtruth #rastafarilives #ankh #lapislazuli

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