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Observations of Snow

As water falls from the heavens above, the perfect conditions on the ground below and skies up, form trillions of unique and individual snowflakes. Each one different from another, never to be replicated but beautiful in it's own way. Different characters in their own essence. They all have different shapes, sizes, and weights. Yet, still come together to form such beautiful scenery. Though what once helped flourish and grow bushy grasses and huge oaks in the fields and yards, now covers the green with a blanket of white death. What once gave life, now taketh away. Yet only temporarily, as everything is a cycle. So with each #cycle we must truly take notice to learn from nature. Once one is attuned with nature, one can be attuned with them self. Take the time to notice each flake. Take time to see how different each one falls. Take time to see them dance in the wind, as if they are performing for us. Take time to see them going with the flow. Take time to let it touch your skin and melt away ever so quickly. Most important, take time to enjoy it all, because what may have been a lifetime for that one snowflake, may only be a couple seconds for us. #asabovesobelow #timestandsstill #perspective #lionofjudahtruth#rastafarilives #breathdeep #breathestrong #slowdown Music by LoJ - Time Stands Still

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