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Sun is Always Shining

Heavy clouds in winter can come like #depression. They form due to certain extremities and happenings in the atmosphere that are unknown to the dwellers of the land below. They move across nations covering up that which gives us energy, joy, happiness. The #Sun. They give the illusion that the Sun did not come out, while in reality, the Sun is always shining. The Sun rises higher than any cloud will ever reach. If one were to take this analogy and use it in everyday life, one will understand that everything in our reality is a temporary illusion. There are only certain things that are constant and must be constant to maintain happiness. Love of oneself is a must. For when one loves them self, they can love another unconditionally. Truly understanding who that person is and why they are the way they are, because they are #honest with them self. If one is unhappy in a relationship or life, it is because they have expectations of another and not them self. We must always remember #expectations lead to disappointments. We are not in control of anything other than the illusion of free will that has been granted to us. To say yes or no. Yet whatever we chose, the destiny has already been written. Everything is by grand design. So instead of relying on medication and expensive sessions with a stranger who knows nothing of one's life. Trust in love, trust in yourself but most of all, trust in God, for he gave us his #Sun. #lionofjudahtruth #sungaze #happiness #stayhigh

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