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Messages from Mayhem

Everything that is happening to you at this moment in time is happening for a reason. Cycles vary depending on the numerology of which year we are in. What planetary alignments are occurring.Etc. Lessons are sent to us to help us grow. When we are not aware of these cycles, the lessons repeat in different ways and usually become harder and harder. It may even get to a point where the universe literally slaps you in your face and says WAKE UP! These lessons are meant to show us our true inner strength. As we yearn for love and acceptance, we see that we must first understand what fear lies in our minds. We must question everything around us. We must love ourself enough to conquer that fear. We must ask the right questions as we question. "Is this relationship holding us both back or pushing us forward? " These lessons serve a purpose. It is our responsibility to become aware of what is occurring and make a change. Step up in the face of what issue has presented itself and realize that if we continue to repeat the same actions with expectations of different results, this indefinitely leads the human mind to insanity. We see our world leaders repeating the same actions throughout history, expecting different results. We then realize that they are serving their purpose to help awaken the masses due to their insanity. Look at the world around us, psychopaths are in control and because they refuse to rule with the soul, they rule with the ego and the people who suffer the most, are those who believe their lies and politricks. So awaken to the truth which is inside each and everyone of us. See that#nothingisasitseems. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason, and these lessons or tests appear in the smallest of forms and the largest. Failure does not exist, only experience gained, once we truly see past the illusion and#discoverthetruth which has been right infront of us for thousands of years. #lionofjudahtruth

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