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Children of The Sun

''Our consciousness has been conditioned to perceive through the five fundamental human senses. This has prevented us from tapping into other worlds or dimensions that exist just beyond the range of our normal perception. For many of us, we are unaware of them because our minds are have not been trained to consciously vibrate at these higher levels. To open the portals of perception, the one belief that must disintegrate concerns the way that the consciousness is viewed as something that is inside our physical body, perhaps located somewhere in the brain. We are multidimensional beings! Our consciousness exists outside of the physical body, even outside of the matter world. It transcends time and space as part of the one quantum mind. We are pure awareness temporarily inhabiting a human body in order to develop our consciousness while experiencing a reality under illusory veils. The physical body is like a virtual-reality suit that converts everything that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell into electrical impulses that formulate our perceptions from inside the brain. These sensory-based perceptions help us to function in a very dense vibration. In the evolutionary transition that many of us are making, however, we are learning how to live from multidimensional perception. The can only happen when our brain is unified with our truer 'brain of brilliance', the Higher Mind aspect of our self. It is then that mastermind energy can be channeled through the faculty of the human brain to express higher patterns of unified thought. The human brain is being retrained to serve in its intended design; as a receiving station for the language of light intelligence. This term, 'Higher Mind', is used to mean the higher mental body aspect of every person. It connects and links the human soul to the dimension of unified awareness. The Higher Mind is the vehicle that facilitates the awakening of our consciousness through its constant promptings to get our act into a much higher gear. The Higher Mind can be perceived as that aspect of brilliance that influences you as the 'voice of conscience'. It is like a guardian angel guiding and awakening you from the deep slumber of forgetfulness. Once you put the free willed personality ego into the back seat, this benevolent influence can move into the driver's seat, to control your physical brain in its entirety. It enables you to make decisions with utmost clarity and to know the truth, apart from any rationalization. When we can make contact with and cohere to the channel of the Higher Mind, expanded truths are revealed. We become knowers. This is when we can live our lives governed by providence, the direct revelation of the Great Spirit expressing through the form. THIS is how we collectively create Heaven on Earth." ~ Children of The Sun

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