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Thou Shall Not Kill

I used to wake up craving bacon, eggs, hash browns, and all the things that I was programmed to enjoy as a child. As I grew older and started to question things around me, I started realizing things were not as they seemed. How did the bacon get to my frying pan and if I'm eating this every morning, how many other billion people are doing the same? Wait, how many animals are having to produce eggs, and "lend" us their bacon. Though I knew the animal died, there was no connection from farm, to butcher, to processing, to supermarket, to kitchen. I didn't know to what extent and how they were truly being bred to be massacred as a species. As I started to question everything, I left no stone un

turned. I started to see blood in my eggs, it was always there, I would just dismiss it, toss it and crack another one. Before I ever saw "behind the scenes" of a slaughterhouse, which inevitably turned me off of animal products. I always wondered why did eggs smell so disgusting when I didn't cook them. How could.something I enjoy smell rotten. #somethingisnotright The more I dug deep is the more the truth reveled itself to me. The more I lifted the veil of my cognitive dissonance and ignorance is the more I became awakened to the world around me. The less animal products I ate, the more in tuned I became with myself. The more aware I became of my thoughts, my actions, and my health. The more I saw the impact I truly had as one individual amongst 7 billion. If one can truly feel deep down inside that something is wrong, yet continue to do the wrong thing due to fear of change, judgement, being an outcast, or just all around lazy. Then the ego of that individual has the upper hand. I used to judge some who stated they were vegan, mainly because they never gave a good enough reason and didn't even know why they were doing it. They never really had a purpose for their actions, but all in all, who am I to judge? I do not label myself as a vegan, but I have a very good reason for changing my diet. Besides the fact that I was uncomfortable with my weight, besides the fact I was always tired, stressed, anxious, and not happy in the direction my diet was taking me. It was a selfless act. It was me being the voice for those who could not and cannot be heard. It was me making a stance for standing up in something I truly believe that can change the world. As change always beings with the individual. So for those who love to fight battles for other humans, as if humans don't have voices of their own to fight, why not fight a battle that is actually killing ALL of us. A battle that kills animals and gives hospitals patients. A battle that destroys the lives of others, while putting billions in the pockets of undeservings individuals. A battle that is killing our beautiful plane of existence we call home; Earth. With every animal product we consume, use, and support; pollution rises, climate rises, death tolls of humans rises via the number one killer in the world, heart disease. In a world corrupted by greed, manipulation, selfishness, and hatred. Let's change who we are internally, to see the bigger change externally. Selfless vs selfish. Love vs hate. The truth is always in front of you, it takes only a split second to wake up and notice it. If one truly LOVES animals, then one should not eat animals, there in lies what we call a#walkingcontradiction P.S. your grocery bill will be quarter of what you spend now. #boycotttheindustry #goingon3years #lionofjudahtruth #wedonthavek9s #soyouthinkyouromnivorous #theytrickedyou #questioneverything

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