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Sorry Used To Be The Hardest Word

There was a time when sorry seemed to be the hardest word to say. Now, mindsets have changed and sorry is a word so misused without the authenticity of its meaning backing it. People tend to apologize for everything in their life. People also attempt to apologize for being who they are to those who do not take the time to understand them, which is not okay. Then there are people who apologize when they willingly do something wrong to you. They take advantage of one's time, one's energy, one's space. They do it knowingly and then they apologize thinking that their selfish actions are now negated and everything is back to normal. This is not okay. So in a world of people who say sorry way too much, while truly being unapologetic. Let's avoid the word entirely by changing the actions of which we live our day to day life by. Let's avoid having to ever use the word in this context again. Though sorry can be used in many different forms. This message is about using it incorrectly. Be thankful in our lives for who we are and be grateful for what we have, don't be sorry for being an individual. Be love, in a world of sorry. #lionofjudahtruth

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