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There is not one person that I have come across in my journey that likes to be lied to. In relationships, friendships, family, business, etc., a lie hurts. As human beings we all want the truth no matter how minute the situation, the truth is important to us. It gives us comfort knowing that we were either right or wrong. A conclusion is made when the truth appears. I see a lot of hypocrisy in my day to day life with people battling this man made dilemma. People lying to themselves, hurting themselves, being dishonest about certain situations so much that their lie becomes their truth, yet, it is still a lie. They don't want to face the truth, so they lie to themselves to cover it up.


Yet deep down inside, the truth boils and bubbles, waiting for the opportune moment to explode, sometimes it may come with tears, sometimes it may come with laughter. All in all, the truth hurts those who are not prepared to handle it, due to the lie that they live. So if we are all truth seekers and expect people to be truthful to us, do we not need to be truthful to ourselves first? Now if we were to switch it up a bit and compare our relationship goals to our governments, food and mass media corporations. Can one truly believe they tell the truth to us? Does it not affect the way we feel about situations? When they all have been proven and caught lying to us, yet we take them back everytime they hide their lies with more lies and make us feel all good inside again with their politricks. They never get to the truth, they make a mockery of us as human beings.


They have money to feed their families for generations to come while the hard working man lives pay cheque to pay cheque. How can we decide and continue to put ourselves through a toxic relationship over and over again and never have change, far less be stuck in one every four years with no choice of change. Inevitably, I see those who chose to believe the lie because they are so accustom lying to themselves about how happy they are, while they are truly miserable deep down inside. So what solution do we have? Stop lying to ourselves and discover the truth that lies within the depths of our souls. For only then will the truth of one's existence become apparent. At the end of the day, the truth will always prevail, if one decides to believe a lie over the truth, then they will continue to live their life full of lies. Be truthful to yourself and the truth will set your free. #lionofjudahtruth

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