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Who is Watching You?

God has advanced as a higher being of consciousness and created this Earth plane. He watches over us, not from the clouds but from every single living being and form of consciousness, be it animal, flower, tree, water, anything natural. Their eyes are his eyes as our eyes are his eyes. If you were to create a completely remarkable extraordinary being, would you not want to know every single second that they experience and feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, hear it. Be it. To have no control on it what so ever other than returning love. Our eyes are cameras and through our eyes God grows even the wiser. Though an infinite being, he is always growing and expanding his consciousness to remain infinite, so there is no end. Fibonacci spiral growth. No finite, just infinite expansion of consciousness. At the same time, as the governments around the world put video cameras everywhere. On the street corners, buildings, cars and inside your own life with your personal devices. Doesn't it seem eerily familiar that it is just the micro to the macro, that we are always being watched. So as the government loves to watch us and try to control and dictate our every move, while they play the role of an all being, ever growing consciousness, the government must question themselves and ask.

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