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Positive Thoughts

😍 Now this picture has nothing to do with this post, but I got your attention. 😇 If we know that our thoughts become our reality, but not every thought is our own. Through the collective consciousness of all human beings as one. Negative thoughts can enter our mind as well. Negative thoughts that you know you didn't even think of. It was a thought that was not your own, and one should question. H...ow did that get there? Why would I think of something like that? This goes the same for positive though. So the more one can erase the negative thought processes in life, and replace them with positivity. Only positive thoughts will be attracted from the collective consciousness. We are a lot more connected than we all have been led to believe. Imagine only thinking #positive thoughts in every aspect of one's life. One can truly obtain "#Heaven on Earth." #helpedyoutothink #lionofjudahtruth #thatfloorthough



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