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How to Meditate

Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. - Rumi

#Meditation. One of the hardest yet easiest things to do, with #practice of course. The #burdens of everyday life tend to stick with us through out our life and sometimes never get resolved. These issues pile up in our head until there is a traffic pile up of hundreds of thousands of questions, worries, anxieties, ...insecurities, frustrations, and all different sorts of negative thoughts. Notice how everything listed is a branch of fear. We do not want to come to terms with these issues because we may be scared or our #ego has told us, "man up, be strong, emotions are stupid." This can be very detrimental to our life going forward in all aspects, be it school, work, and relationships. Something that has been conditioned into us from children and the expectations to uphold societies ignorant standards. "Your emotions are wrong, use logic to think." Statements that have been drilled into our brains growing up and even into our adult life. Oh the damage that has been done is horrific. But luckily, meditation can revert all the damage done, as we take back control of our life. In meditation, one dives into the depths of their mind, body, and soul. They discover that their soul is real and one can talk to it. One discovers energies around them, vibrations of everything that once was thought to have never existed. I have attached a sheet of some guidelines for meditation. One thing I can tell you, please do not be discouraged and expect immediate results. When you take a course of antibiotics, do you expect immediate results? When you get a cut, do you wish to have it healed immediately? Majority of the reason is because your brain is healing you more than the antibiotics. People believe in dis-ease passed down by generations, yet have no understanding of genetics and what they do nor how they work. One must have an understanding of epigenetics, to fully grasp how our bodies function as a whole. “Our health is not controlled by genetics,” says Dr. Bruce Lipton. “Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. This misunderstands the nature of how biology works.” I urge anyone interested in this information read Dr.Bruce Lipton's work. It will help one understand the true power we all hold inside our self. The power of our sub conscious. Which we are working to reprogram everyday. Time is on your side and that's all you need to invest in this. 15 minutes a day in the morning, maybe 15 at night. 15 minutes anytime you feel anxious, upset, sad, any negative emotion. It will dissipate. Anytime new information is received, store it, and try to reflect on it in meditation when you can. So here are a few tips I have picked up in my journey that may be able to help. Breathing is a very important part of meditation, as is focus. So before you cross your legs and close your eyes. Let's start with breathing. Let consider breathing a cycle of cleansing. Breathing in from your nose. Filling your lungs, chest, and stomach with air. Breathing deep at first until your stomach pushes out, as your lower lungs fill, then all the way up. Breathing out from your mouth. Do this for 3-5 times while every time you breathe out, imagine every muscle in your body relaxing more and more. Starting with your head, eyebrows, cheeks, eyes, lips, jaws, neck, going down to your shoulders, arms, chest, hands, fingertips. With every exhale you move onto another muscle until every single muscle feels as if it's melting away. Then, on your fifth inhale, hold your breath for 10 seconds. When exhaling, let every bit of breathe out until there is nothing left, until all the negative energy inside of you is blown out of you. Then repeat the breathing cycle. Focus. The easiest way to focus is usually focusing on your breathing, but to do so, one must understand how hard it is to focus. Close your eyes and move them to the center of your head above your nose, in between your eyes, make sure they are comfortable and not straining. See the darkness and start to focus on the darkness. Once you have gained focus of the nothingness, imagine a red dot. Or any colour dot you prefer. It may even be easier to draw a dot with your colour preference and focus on it before you close your eyes. See how long you can focus on this dot. When I first started, 3 seconds was the most I could focus on the dot before the highway of thoughts hit that red dot straight into the darkness of the unknown. This shows us how unfocused we truly are and how the thoughts that arise in our head control us. We do not control them. So the breathing exercise mentioned earlier helps to calm the brain, as the brain is like a puppy or child having a sugar rush, untrained, unaware, allowed to run rampant, but it will settle when it's energy runs low. This is when the negative thoughts need to be stopped and kicked out and focus on breathing comes into play. Focus on the cycle of in through your nose and out through your mouth. Fill your lungs, chest, and stomach full of air. Any thoughts that come into your head, kick them out. And focus on breathing. The position you chose is whatever makes you comfortable at first, as you progress, you can research the different positions, Lotus being the most popular. I have my best meditations in the tub, with my entire body submerged up to my ears. Just my nose, eyes and mouth above the water. I also like to lie down, put on some relaxing music to help calm my brain. 432hz meditation music on YouTube is a great start. I like the Zen water and Tibetan bowls. It's all personal preference. Classical music, Native Indian, I change it up a lot. As with everything, the more you practice, the more you learn and better you become. Don't get discouraged. It takes time but it will change your life for the better. This has been proven time and time again. #lionofjudahtruth

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