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Everything is Connected

Here we have a left handed #vegetarian man who has become eternal. His #words, #works, and #wisdom will forever resonate through the sands of #time. Yet, if a conversation of this man were to be brought up, some people in this day and age may think one is talking of Tom Hanks. This saddens me that #society has lost touch with #reality and #history. Living in a false #illusion of marketed garbage f...orce fed into our #brains by what is seen on #television, heard on the #radio, read in a glamourized junk #magazines, or by our ever so popular #misinformed social media. To see things differently, it has been told "think outside the box." Well I have decided that there is no box for me. I burned it to the ground. There is no confinement to my thought process and it has opened avenues I once believed never possible. In my journey, putting puzzle pieces together has been somewhat of a necessity. It takes #time and #patience for everything to fit, as one must search for the correct pieces scattered throughout history, and each of these pieces can only fit one way. When we start to question the world around us, and we start to see that nothing is as it seems, one realizes the puzzle pieces do not fit for what has been told to us, as the #puzzle or system has been #redesigned. #Information and the truth must be resourced and the deeper one digs, the more the #original puzzle starts to take shape. History has been changed in our #schools and is currently being changed as this is being read. As of now, the pieces which once fit so ever easily, have been #fragmented and attempted to be put back together. When I say fragmented, here is what I mean. If one has an exquisite 1942 #Rolex Chronograph. With all the parts and pieces perfectly moving in sync together to create this beautiful timepiece. Every gear specifically placed and the mainspring wound to #precision. Each part has its #purpose and function by #design to work the #one correct way it is supposed to. The #micro to the #macro. There are usually a minimum of 100 moving parts in your everyday timepiece.