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Everything is Connected

Here we have a left handed #vegetarian man who has become eternal. His #words, #works, and #wisdom will forever resonate through the sands of #time. Yet, if a conversation of this man were to be brought up, some people in this day and age may think one is talking of Tom Hanks. This saddens me that #society has lost touch with #reality and #history. Living in a false #illusion of marketed garbage f...orce fed into our #brains by what is seen on #television, heard on the #radio, read in a glamourized junk #magazines, or by our ever so popular #misinformed social media. To see things differently, it has been told "think outside the box." Well I have decided that there is no box for me. I burned it to the ground. There is no confinement to my thought process and it has opened avenues I once believed never possible. In my journey, putting puzzle pieces together has been somewhat of a necessity. It takes #time and #patience for everything to fit, as one must search for the correct pieces scattered throughout history, and each of these pieces can only fit one way. When we start to question the world around us, and we start to see that nothing is as it seems, one realizes the puzzle pieces do not fit for what has been told to us, as the #puzzle or system has been #redesigned. #Information and the truth must be resourced and the deeper one digs, the more the #original puzzle starts to take shape. History has been changed in our #schools and is currently being changed as this is being read. As of now, the pieces which once fit so ever easily, have been #fragmented and attempted to be put back together. When I say fragmented, here is what I mean. If one has an exquisite 1942 #Rolex Chronograph. With all the parts and pieces perfectly moving in sync together to create this beautiful timepiece. Every gear specifically placed and the mainspring wound to #precision. Each part has its #purpose and function by #design to work the #one correct way it is supposed to. The #micro to the #macro. There are usually a minimum of 100 moving parts in your everyday timepiece.


If the watch needs repairs, it must be taken apart and put back together the only one way it can be for it to work correctly. Through pure mastery. Let's say for instance one smashes the watch with a hammer and it becomes shattered into fragments. To put this watch back together would now be an impossibility, it will never be the same. A beautiful timepiece once existed but now has been turned into a million fragments. There has been a shift and the corrupt world leaders have taken the #fragments of #knowledge and #opinion and have decided to make a whole from it. The truth no longer matters to many. The parts that once worked seamlessly in sync together have been destroyed and put back together in ways that they cannot fit. Books have been re-written and lies have been spread to feed us a false sense of satisfaction to our curiosity without even fully answering our questions. Manipulation branching from the highest factions of humanity. When one starts to question things of why it is the way it is, and realizes nothing truly makes any sense. There is a deeper reason for this and more questions start to arise. A perfect example of this is many scientist now believe the big bang theory truly happened and are basing conclusions of findings on this false reality that cannot even be proven. What happened to the scientific method? And we go along with it without stopping to think, wait, when did they prove the big bang theory? Evolution has yet to be proven and is still a theory not universal law, on top of it all, Darwin was an egotistical maniac regurgitating his grandfather's poetic theories of plants and natural selection, yet we are just going to go with it? This is what science has become. Pick and chose what works for them and leave out anything that will discredit them from getting a teaching job in a "prestigeous" University or slander their name amongst their peers for thinking outside their socially accepted box. What life has truly become. A joke. Purely driven by the ego. We are all victims of it. If one does not understand what the ego is, I urge them to have a read of the first post on this page to get a better understanding. If these things bother you, then one must dig deep into the true history, discover the ancient knowledge of our ancestors that has been hidden from us and understand exactly what Leonardo da Vinci was trying to let us all know. That every single thing in this world is connected. Including all of us. The collective consciousness has been "scientifically" proven but dismissed by egotistical physicists time and time again. If everything was not connected, the fibonacci sequence would not exist. For those not familiar with the fibonacci sequence or spiral. It is the blueprint of life. God's thumbprint some may say. It is the golden ratio and can be found everywhere from a daisy to our Milky Way Galaxy. Dig deep if you are not familiar.


The deeper I go down the rabbit hole, the more I discover how connected everything is. Finding out numbers were not created, but rather they were discovered. 0 to 9 all have purpose, as if each number has its own form of consciousness. As if they are alive. To an accountant this would make no sense because they are trained by a system of logic and left brain thinking. That questions cannot arise because the numbers don't lie, but they do tell the truth. Now, to a computer programmer learning binary code, finds out that an entire language exists in 0's and 1's. How can this be? When one realizes that binary code was not invented, but also discovered and is the basis of the duality of Ying and Yang. As stated before, nothing is as it seems. Because one has become a professional of a man made system, does not mean they are knowledgeable of the truth. The flower of life pattern has been around for thousands of years and can be seen everywhere, in every religion, engraved in the ruins of ancient civilizations, and it can even be seen in the cross section of our DNA. The pinecone holds high spiritual value and can also be found in all religious architecture, art, and many modern day symbols. Prime example of the fibonacci spiral in its natural occurance. Many of us don't understand our true power because some have not taken into consideration the benefits of self education. We blindly believe what we are told without ever questioning anything. We tend to believe someone works for NASA, so they are automatically smarter than all of us. When one sees things that make them question, they will discover operation paperclip was executed by Harry Truman who even said "There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know." He authorized 1500 Nazi scientists amnesty in the mid 1940s. Though he was against recruiting any scientist with ties to Nazi Germany, this was not the reality of the situation. Werner Von Braun, research him, the information is there. Get in the habit of questioning everything. Why does this matter? That is the wrong question, why did America grant 1500 Nazi associated men amnesty and give them power to run the Aeronautical Space program? At the time time NACA. This is a better worded question. Chose your words wisely, as it is the source of miscommunication. There is a reason, everything has a purpose. Find the purpose. Coincidences do not exist. Ask the questions that matter, and you will find the truth.


We are all intelligent beings, capable of limitless possibilities, but due to conditioning and lack of understanding of the world around us, we start to suffer because of the illusion of freedom that has been created. The land with the most laws is called the land of the free. Money rules this realm and a materialistic mindset has replaced compassion and love for the well being of our brothers and sisters. There are but a few who control this system which is now evident. They sit and watch as the rest of us fight an uphill battle for their worthless paper. Meanwhile, majority of humanity has lost their loyalty, respect, integrity, morals, and values. The truth no longer is a concern. There is a reason for this. It is your duty to discover it. Symbolism is around us everyday and is used to manipulate and control. But everything that has been mentioned is okay. Because once we become aware of something, we then have the power to change it. So with everything being said, we have two options. Follow their way blindly or make a change within each of us as individuals. Do what every other awakened mind has done before and continues to do, never stop questioning, if one thinks they have found the answer, question it until you find out that there can be no other possibility and that the ultimate truth has presented itself. Tap into the power of one's mind and learn to control it, no longer allow the mind to control. Meditation is a great way to start this process. Majority of humans like to justify the ignorant behaviour on the simple premise that "the other guy is doing it." Take it for what it is and say "it is what it is," and there is nothing I can do about it. Believe everything that is told to them and accept it even though deep down they know #somethingisnotright . Leonardo da Vinci was one man, Bob Marley was one man, Jesus was one man, Buddha was one man. It takes only one.


Wakeup, work in a boring job, eat, sleep, repeat. If this is what one believes life is about, then they have been programmed to think so, because none of us as children wanted to sit in a cubicle and make a CEO'S dreams come true while we suffer to put food on the table. We must attempt to find that inner child that exists in all of us, the one with passion, love, loyalty, honesty, creativity, and bring them to the forefront. Let the purpose of life become fun again. Let innovation, discovery, and the need to help humanity become the reality we exist in together. If you think it's too late, make sure your children don't face the same reality you have chosen for yourself. Break the cycle. You can go the wrong direction for your entire life, but you can always turn around. Discover the truth, and find the "da Vinci" in you. Dig deep and see that everything is connected way more than any of us could ever imagine, and nothing is truly as it seems. What do we have to lose? The fake friends who never respected you in the first place? #Weed out the negative attachments in your life? Find out who truly loves you? Learn to love yourself? Sounds pretty good to me. I challenge you all to make a simple change. See how much control you truly have on your life. Cut meat out for 10 days. If you can not eat meat for 10 days, then you will prove to yourself you are in full control of your life and the options becomes limitless. Changes starts with you. Be the change you want to see. Find your purpose, for we all have one. #lionofjudahtruth #10dayvegetarianchallenge #expandyourconsciousness #youareintelligentbydesign #loveyourself #weallareone

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