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Enough is Enough

Likes and angry faces are not going to help us. Sitting behind our keyboards is not going to help us. Going into the streets and marching is not going to help us. Killing innocent police is not going to help us. But there is a solution which needs to be implemented ASAP. The system in which they designed is flawed. Some of us see this and now people are losing their lives because ...of how it is built. Some of us have taken the time to study the system in its entirety and have been warning our friends and family of where we are heading. Some of us are ten steps ahead of them. Some of us actually #love everyone so much that we will stop at nothing until everyone's eyes are open to the corruption and state of affairs that we are in. They want a civil war. They want a revolution. They want us to fight back so they can start the extermination. They want war. Well I say let's evolve our minds and give them what they want. But let's bring it to their doorstep. Let's hit them where it hurts. Their pockets. Their over flowing pockets of OUR hard earned money. #alllivesmatter to us, while #nolivesmatter to them. So this Friday, at noon, let's all go to the banks. Let's all pull out $10 to $1000 depending on our ability to do so. Not from the ATMs, but from the tellers. Let the lines be long, let the banks run out of physical cash. Let them call corporate and find out that the money is non existent. Cripple the banking system on our terms. Cut the head off of the snake. Stop spending for the weekend. Keep your money at home. Support no business, corporations, and especially government. Literally do nothing that coat money. Especially putting gas in your car. It will only take a couple days of spending no money. To cripple the infrastructure of their system. To show them that we have the power, that without us, they are nothing. Such a small sacrifice and gesture can change the entire world overnight. If you want change, this is one of the best ways to actually get it. Will you be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem? Share this, make a movement happen. If you truly want to see change. Or sit there and care what people on your Facebook think about you. People are dying and the leaders of this world need to pay for their crimes. The change starts with you! #lionofjudahtruth #dosomething



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