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Doubt is a Dis-ease

Recently, a particular type of #snake has been popping up in my life in many different ways. Particularly in dreams. It is said that snakes can have negative connotations or positive meaning. In this instance, the #synchronicities align with negative. The most common of snake dreams is to warn of a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and cannot be trusted. There seems to be an associating factor that is so often overlooked. #Doubt. Doubt is one of the most self damaging thought processes that one can have. Doubt slithers it's way into our #thoughts without us even knowing. Like a snake in the grass, it cannot be detected. It awaits the opportune moment, and without any warning, it attacks. Doubt can be described as a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, suspicion, hesitation, and most importantly, lack of #faith. Now let's not confuse doubt with questioning what does not feel right inside from #intuitive feelings. #Intution works solely on trusting in yourself and having faith. Which we will touch on in a moment. Once doubt has slithered it's way into the brain, it tends to lay eggs. Just like some species of snakes, it lays dozens of eggs. These eggs hatch, and just like that, doubt spreads into every aspect of one's life. Doubt is such a #catastrophic and #detrimental #thought process, that it can turn the most beautiful #human being into a monster. The most #intellectual person, into the most ignorant, the most decisive, into an indecisive lost being. Doubt also has a way of spreading itself onto others. As though it is a contagious disease. It is a thought process which truly derives from #fear. For there are only two true emotions that exist. #Love and Fear. Every other emotions branches from these two. One starts to chose the opposite of love and fear immediately controls them. Every conversation they have, doubtfullness is the tone and intention unknowingly spoken. Going back to faith. Having faith in our intention set forth is a very difficult thing to do twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If we truly understand the purpose of doubt and where it comes from, one may realize that faith is the absolute cure for doubt. As inevitably with faith, a sense of knowing accompanies it after time, the knowing from deep down inside, that everything is going to be okay. That we are not fully in control of anything, other than our free will to say yes or no. Everything else is by grand design. We are protected, and the universe continues to prove this time and time again. Faith branches from love, so have faith my brothers and sisters, for doubt cannot slither it's way into our thoughts, when love is in control, fear doesn't stand a chance. #lionofjudahtruth #love #shoutnodoubt #doubtisadisease

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