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Spirituality vs Religion

#Spirituality Vs #Religion and finding the TRUTH. Something that we all have a hard time doing because of how we perceive things. One man did not understand how the Church can be corrupted and how to believe in Jesus at the same time. So I thought this may help him. He wants answers, but wants them handed to him without doing the research. I told him questions will always lead to more questions, he called me contradictory and confused. I was like this once and it is now the reason my quest for the Truth is never ending. One must understand that religion and spirituality are two different things. Study the ancient knowledge of older civilizations to see that all the #Holy books are regurgitated information with many truths and many #lies. Our interpretation of them is the key. Let's say for example. In ancient #Greece, men could have lay with all women. People were free to sleep with who they wanted. This was not an issue. Until #ONE person became #jealous. Let's say that one person now wrote a scripture and said no man should lay with another man's wife. Now with that being said, you can have two people in an open #relationship, that have no problem with who they sleep with, who they share their energy with. They can do this without hurting themselves, or hurting anyone that they decide to sleep with. This works for them and makes them happy. This is their truth. But then you have two separate people that are married. Only want to be with each other and not share their energy with anyone else. People must respect their decision and the sanctity of #marriage that they have chosen. This is their truth. Things are meant to be interpreted but to the extent of finding the truth. The #truth is very important. Without the truth, all we have is #opinion. There is no #right and #wrong in this certain circumstance, but there is each others truth. One must understand how the corruption can present itself in any form of religion, blind faith, #government, #corporation, business, etc. Because corruption lies within us all. Some religions that teach fear, is a religion that is putting negative thoughts out into our being. It is our decision to act on it or not. Allow it to dictate our life or find the truth in the scripture. Spirituality shows we are all one and love everything and fear nothing. For all we have to fear is fear itself. Know that the most high has created humans which are all corruptible. That is why we have free will. One must chose their path, to be taken by corruption or be true to thyself and truly know thyself. I bow to no man, as Love and righteousness is the only system I follow. There is only one human I would bow to on this plane and she knows who she is. I have no contradiction and no confusion in my life. I know exactly who I am and what I am about and why I am here. It is a beautiful freeing feeling. I know in my heart this will help some of you friends. #onebyone #lionofjudahtruth

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