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Secret of Change

It truly is hard to break the #cycle of bad #habits because we just talk about it, we are aware of it, but we never take that next step to put it into #practice. For those who are not aware yet, #meditation is a great way to become aware of what truly is bothering us and helps us admit to ourself, the #problem has always lay within us. It gives us the #answers to the #questions we have and once th...e mind is still, our eyes see the world in its #true, raw #beauty and splendor. #Life becomes simplified. We start to clean out the baggage which no longer serves a purpose to us. Imagine living in a #house and there is junk piled up in all the rooms of this home. It restricts #energy #flow and becomes a dirty environment to dwell in. House cleaning is a necessity for all of us, and I would like to believe we all love to live in a clean #environment. We donate or throw out what is of no use to us anymore, and clean up the junk that has collected over the years. This has to be done on a regular basis with our mind, we must let go of the old habits, to allow new ones to be formed. Now one must not give up all their table manners and #loving ways as those are good habits, but find the habits that serve no purpose. Become aware of them. Make a greater effort to no longer practice them. We all know what is right and what is wrong. But we so willingly do the wrong thing and claiming #ignorance as a defense. In all #honesty, it is #laziness. #Complacency. The traits we tend to never admit we have, but they exist so blatantly. #Focus on the now and say you are going to do something and then make that thought a reality. What do you honestly have to lose? Why would you not want to gain anything? #lionofjudahtruth

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